For McCain, Lieberman Reaches Out to Seven Voters that Care What Lieberman Thinks

by Jordan Zakarin

In an e-mail sent out Thursday evening, Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman announced that he was forming a committee to appeal to all seven voters in America that still take anything he says seriously, an effort that he hoped would draw people to the campaign of Republican nominee John McCain.

The committee, officially named Irrelevants for McCain, will be an umbrella group of the Arizona Senator’s general election campaign, working to find the coma patients, gullible and poorly researched voters that Lieberman calls his base.

Having gone down in defeat to a Republican ticket in the 2000 election as Al Gore’s Vice Presidential running mate, and then being kicked out of his party by Democratic voters in Connecticut six years later, Lieberman wrote that his unique experience in bipartisanship would help put at ease the minds of those voters who have yet to reject him, a number that could counted on one mildly mutated hand.

Lieberman had long brushed against the grain of his party, strongly condemning President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and then speaking out in defense of the War in Iraq. When he endorsed McCain, a longtime friend and colleague, for President in 2007, it was seen by many in the party as the last straw. As the election heats up, Democratic leaders in the Senate are beginning to echo that sentiment. That, along with the enmity he earned campaigning against the current administration in 2000, has left him in perfect position to lobby for McCain, he said.

“My entire career in public life, I have worked to bridge the gap between this partisan divide, uniting Democrats and Republicans,” Lieberman wrote. “I believe that in the past eight years, I have created a unique constituency, one that puts no value in the debate between right and left, one that stands stands in the ever shrinking middle because it is hated on either side. I am proud to say that, as custodian of that group of catatonic Americans, I will be working to deliver their voters to Senator McCain, despite the fact that they would not be able to form a minyan.”

Initial reactions for the Connecticut senator’s efforts were tepid, as five of the seven that still thought he presented any sort of leadership or rational thinking were unavailable for comment; five were preparing their homes for Y2K, while the other two were last seen waiting outside a local movie theater, first in line for tickets to Titanic.


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  8. Next US President: McCain or Obama?

    Who would you like to be the next US president?


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