Blotter: Black Man Arrested For Beating White Woman

by Jordan Zakarin

A 46-year old African American man was arrested by federal agents on Tuesday night in Illinois for allegedly beating a 60-year old white woman. The suspect was finally captured after a six month manhunt that allegedly saw him beat the woman in 32 different states and territories.

Witnesses say that, before she finally succumbed, the woman put up a fierce fight; however, the half a year of beatings took a terrible mental toll on the victim, who is now prone to making confused, outlandish statements as a result of blunt force trauma.

The alleged assaulter had gained a cult following amongst confused youths, and has rallied a defiant African American community behind him, exposing latent racial riffs that still plague the country.

As he was taken away by police, the accused was heard making threatening promises towards a next victim, a 71-year old white man from a retirement community in Arizona.

The victim’s husband, a prominent member of his community, in New York at the time of the arrest, was said to be livid, swearing revenge, asking prosecutors to force his wife upon the attacker for a period of up to eight years.


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