“Hills” Star Montag Sleeps On It, Picks McCain

by Jordan Zakarin

Heidi Montag, star of MTV’s scripted reality show “The Hills”, announced on her LiveJournal Thursday that she is supporting Republican Senator and presumptive nominee John McCain in the 2008 Presidential election. In the electronic journal entry that made her decision public, Montag said that the decision was a difficult one.

“As my fans know, I pride myself in putting a tremendous amount of thought into each decision I make. This one was no different,” Montag wrote. “After a painstaking amount of research, getting a chance to know each candidate and a number of sleepless nights, I believe I have made the right choice.”

In a press conference later in the day, Montag detailed the feeling out process she went through as she struggled to find an answer in what has become a fierce debate in the wealthy, attractive 18-25 year old white girl demographic, a key swinger group important to all bumping political parties’ fortunes in November.

“I dabbled a bit with each of the major candidates,” she said. “I definitely went through an experimental phase, where I was really interested in Hillary [Clinton]. I’ll say this: she totally understands some of my needs better than any other candidate I – we – have ever had. But after a while, it just didn’t feel right; like I was supporting her to feel different, not because I truly believed in her candidacy.”

After her brief dalliance with the Clinton campaign, Montag explored Barack Obama’s candidacy, much to the consternation of her parents. “That really pissed them off,” Montag told the press. “They’re kind of old fashioned, so let’s just say they’re not the most open minded. They just grew up in a different time, so they didn’t understand why. That was part of the allure, really. That and his message — his message was huge, much bigger than the small politics we’re used to,” the teenage star said.

In the end however, despite the anecdotal evidence, Montag did indeed go back.

That brought her to McCain, and after looking past what she termed a few “obvious” faults, Montag came to appreciate the 72-year old Senator, lauding his experience. “He’s just so much more mature, and has a totally different outlook on life, you know?” she wrote in the LiveJournal entry. “It’s like, with younger candidates, they’re still unsure, and a lot less knowledgeable. But with John, he just has so much experience — he can do things no young candidate could even dream about.”

One trait she admired was his five year captivity as a Prisoner of War in Vietnam, where he underwent extreme torture. “Most guys aren’t willing to explore that type of thing, but he is very open about his extensive experience with that kind of bondage. It’s a real turn on, politically.”

Her decision does not come without trepidation, however; Montag did express concern about the Senator’s health and stamina. “There will be many late nights, with important decisions on how to best use big, massive tools of war. Let’s say he comes face to face with a real rogue state, or gets himself into a sticky situation. There’s the worry that all that pressure might put him in danger of a heart attack or stroke, but then again, I’m sure he’ll leave the nation with a comfortable legacy and a nice younger man to take over,” Montag reasoned.


One response to ““Hills” Star Montag Sleeps On It, Picks McCain

  1. That settles it. If a HUGE star like this endorses McCain then I should too!

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